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the bouncing souls still rock...   
02:46pm 20/04/2007
  Well i walked into the bar and i put in twenty bucks
Because i know people taste in music sucks
About four hours had passed, forty picks and my empty glass,
a tasty number all dressed in black tried to rock us with her wack attack
There was no fuss we knew her game
you look good but all your songs are lame

Bullying the jukebox because it's fun,
you can't get near it until we're done
Bullying the jukebox because we rule
all the songs we like are really cool

Songs of punk and songs of joy,
love songs about girls and boys;
songs of metal and English stuff
and some hardcore songs to make us feel tough
but we all agreed that the songs of woe,
and the songs of loved ones had to go
Churned up memories of time we dreamt
that got us all verklempt
We drank until our last song
We paid our tab and we said so long
swerwing in and out of cars...
it's off to rock another bar
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03:02pm 07/04/2007
  so yeah, don't know how long its been since i posted anything on here. but i'm really excited about this email my band got. we're not sure how but we got an invite to play a show at the shaw center on earth day. DETAILS:

Sunday, April 22nd
doors open at 5pm, show starts at 6pm
All Ages - $10 (you can buy alcohol w/ id)

Stranger Than Angels
The Briggs
The Toasters

come out and enjoy
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12:23am 09/10/2006
  thundercougarfountainbird had kittens!
we now have 4 kittens if anyone is interested in getting one
we have:
2 black and white ones: 1) The Highlander (there can only be one) esquire and 2) greg
a gray one: jerry floyd
and a black one: IROBOT
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07:39pm 07/09/2006
mood: annoyed
ok, our apartment complex is getting rediculous....
apparently our neighbors hate us and we really don't know why.
no one talks to the neighbors and we have very rarely even seen them.
however, apparently there were 3 separate complaints about our apartment saying that we were having a HUGE party on monday. and at this party we were all wild, there was alcohol everywhere, drugs, CONDOMS *i swear, that was in the reports*, and we were "holding hands and dancing in a circle around a tree and singing"....this is the most random thing i've ever heard someone complaining about. and the fact that it was THREE people that called and complained. you may be thinking "geez...you guys are fucking wierd" but the funny thing is, is that rickey went to work, then to his dad's house, then to his grandparents to spend time with his mom. he was there until around midnight. i was at my parents house studying and watching a football game all night. so none of us were even in our apartment!

we also had this cop stop us the other night because she said there was a noise complaint and she had to check it out. when rickey opened the door for her:
COP: "yeah, we have had complaints about the music being too loud in this apartment"
RICKEY: "well can you even hear the music?"
COP: "NO, but it's too loud"

at this point i was walking around the apartment complex enjoying an "adult beverage" and saw the cop and walked up to her:
ME: "good even officer, is there a problem"
COP: "do you live here?"
ME: "yes i do"
COP: "hmmm....is that an open container of alcohol?"
ME: "yes ma'am"
COP: "well how old are you? because i'm gonna have to write you a ticket"
ME: "i'm 21 *hands license to cop*"
COP: "well you know it's illegal to have an open container in public and you are on private property?! i'm not gonna write you a ticket but consider this a warning!!!"
ME: *confused* (that statement just didn't make sense at all)

well apparently she went on to tell rickey's stepmom *the gm of our complex* that we were really rude and getting in her face about things....what kind of shit is that?! o, and this is the same bitch who came around the corner in her car as brittani was leaving. brittani stopped her car to let the cop pass and the cop had the nerve to roll down her window and say "you need to watch where you are going! i can have you ticketed and impound your car" the cop also told rickey's stepmom *btw the cop doesn't know that the person in the office she's talking to is actually rickey's stepmom"...that she told about 3 to 5 people to get out of the pool after hours and when asked what apartment they live in, all the people said they lived in ours!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

well that's enough of that, all i have to say is fuck the police fuck fuck fuck the police
i don't know what the fuck is going on here but it's crazy.
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04:24pm 25/08/2006
  i wonder why my apartment smells like pancakes?  
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this red hot chili peppers song has been stuck in my head all week   
02:41am 19/08/2006
mood: drunk
Sittin' on a sack of beans
Sittin' down in New Orleans
You wouldn't believe what I've seen
Sitting on that sack of beans

Lunatics on pogo sticks
Another southern fried freak on a crucifix
Hicks don't mix with politics
People on the street just kickin' to the licks

Yes my favorite place to be
Is not a land called Honah Lee
Mentally or physically
I wanna be in New Orleans

Oh good brother just when I thought
That I had seen it all
My eyes popped out, my dick got hard
And I dropped my jaw

I saw a bird walkin' down the block,
Her name Apache Rose Peacock
I could not speak I was in shock
I told my knees to please not knock

Yes my favorite place to be
Is not a land called Honah Lee
Mentally or physically
I wanna be in New Orleans

A little boy came along
Name of Louis Armstrong
Said that girl who left me silly
She likes the looks of me and my willy

So I found her in the quarter
Good God how I adored her
Oh she made me feel so cozy
When she told me I could call her Rosie

I kiss your hair your skin so bare
I'll take you with me girl anywhere
You fare well in stormy weather
I never met a girl that I like better

Twinkle twinkle little star
Shining down on my blue car
Drivin' down the boulevard
She was soft and I was hard

Apache Rose gotta rockin' peacock
Hottest ass on the goddamn block
Rockin' to the beat of the funky ass meters
She has one of those built in heaters

I kiss your hair your skin so bare
I'll take you with me girl anywhere
You fare well in stormy weather
I never met a girl that I like better

Voodoo gurus casting their spells
Cockatoo drag queens shakin' their bells
Silver sound escapes the trumpet
Watch your leg someone might hump it

Chicken strut your butt let's rock
Gettin' it on under your frock
Flowing like a flame all through the night
My girl's insane but it's all right

Yes my favorite place to be
Is not a land called Honah Lee
Mentally or physically
I wanna be in New Orleans
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12:58am 19/08/2006
  just got back from the spanish moon. last name change was fucking awesome. i didn't know what to expect but me and everyone i was with was very impressed. i really wanted to start singing "population decreased by one" but i didn't wanna be that guy in the crowd...and it wouldn't be the same without matt there. but yeah, it looks like the middle of september we're going to set up a houseparty somewhere with a $5 drink cover and we're gonna play with no fuego, chris hayes' band, and hopefully last name change. but yeah, i guess we will see. it should be good fun either way  
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Birthday song....   
02:44pm 08/08/2006
  Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky
Yeah, August 8th is a beautiful day
I see a bunch of hippies crying yeah
August 8th is a beautiful day
Like waking up from a real bad dream
Suddenly everything is ok
The storm has passed the sun is shining
Yeah August 8th is a beautiful day
What's goin on what's goin on
Is something bummin your scene?
There's something wrong,
There's something wrong I'm not trying to be mean
The air is sweet the summer flowers bloomin
nowhere in sight is anything gray

Feelings of joy are filling the street
yeah August 8th is beautiful day
Like waking up from a fucked up dream,
suddenly everything's looking good
There's been no permanent damage done
Yeah August 8th came right when it should

Poor Jeff, poor little Timmy turtle
Staying home on such a beautiful day

so yeah at 11:59, i decided to go buy greg, natalie, and me some drinks from any bar i could find that was open. so we went to one and i went and ordered. the bar tender looked at my id and laughed because it was 12:01 and i was buying drinks. then some fat guy next to me wanted me to sit down and drink with him and offered to buy me a few shots so he could "get to know me"...kinda odd. so i told him i had to get back to a party in watson, that way he wouldn't try to come. other than that we just got back from the beach and it was fucking awesome. the first night we were just really messed up and this huge storm rolled in. so we were walking on the beach with these huge waves and lightning and such. i had never seen anything like it. well that's about all i have to say. happy birthday flo.
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11:30pm 03/07/2006
  warped tour was fun and these past few days have been very relaxing. i was so happy i got to see nofx, less than jake, catch 22, motion city soundtrack, emery, afi, hellogoodbye, as tall as lions, patent pending, rise against, antiflag, saosin, armor for sleep, saves the day, bouncing souls, and a little of aiden. seeing nofx though was probably the most exciting. i also go to meet ltj again and they all signed an ep they were selling at warped tour. but my vacation there consisted of parties, mopeds, gallaria, pools, sleeping on floors, cramming 3 people in a hotel bed, lighting greg's crotch on fire, smores, virtual roller coasters, shoney's, people making fun of my food at shoney's, scrabble, emo pictures, etc...since i've been back it's been all about sleep and lindsay. bah...well that's enough, goodbye

o yeah, i definetly did something in houston that i never thought i'd do in my life. i beat an asian kid at marvel vs capcom 2. those who have played anyone who's asian in know they they are SOOOO much better that we are. so i feel accomplished. not too many people care about this, but i think it was important.
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10:29pm 01/06/2006
  told my dad goodbye tuesday, spent some time with friends and went to see him and aiden at the hob. aiden was fucking awesome and put on an amazing show. him was such fucking rockstars and ville valo even yelled at rickey for yawning at one point. we were dead center up against the railing. it was much fun. what was crazy was some bald skinhead next to me. he almost got in a fight with this guy in the crowd, caused problems with everyone. and then charged his way out of the crowd knocking people everywhere. o, but all that was after he tried to call down spirits of satan and beelzebub (sp?) upon this man in the crowd. other than that i'm said because she's gone till tuesday and i miss her. now to party. the end  
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10:50pm 28/05/2006
  even after all this time i'm so intrigued by her...she's amazing  
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you look so good in blue   
12:57pm 21/05/2006
mood: happy
so yeah one thing i've learned about our new apartment...bring your gate key.....

so i'm at lindsay's all night and i get home at like 5am. well i drive up to the gate, reach for my card and realize that i left it in my room. so i have to park across the street at noah's, run across jefferson, jump the fence, get to my apartment and get the key, come back, run across jefferson again and get my car. THEN i get to go back home.

o well, last night was amazing anyway because she makes me happy and always has =)

o and i went to zippy's again...i still don't believe that kacie works there. the end
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04:17am 09/04/2006
  monday - wednesday: 2 nights on the beach with 2 beautiful girls...what a fun spring break  
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06:06pm 25/03/2006
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06:33pm 15/03/2006
  what a dumb week. it should start looking up though. we have a show friday night in mccomb, ms and right after we play...rickey, britt, kacie, natalie, and me are all driving straight to austin, tx. we shall be seeing poison the well, circa survive, head automatica, thursday, and fall of troy...be jealous  
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01:26pm 15/02/2006
  i love cd warehouse and their used music section today i got:
weezer - maladroid
lagwagon - double plaidinum
311 - blue album
offspring - conspiracy of one (favorite album w/ favorite song - i want you bad on it)
the offspring - ixnay on the hombre
alkaline trio - maybe i'll catch fire
finch - what it is to burn *free*
weezer - blue album *free*
buy 3 get one free..awesome
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09:57am 07/02/2006
  Talk about growing out of those "akward years"
Image hosting by Photobucket

Lindsay Lohan, how the hell did that happen?
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03:58am 21/01/2006
mood: excited
i'm so excited. i tried to go and get avenged sevenfold/cky tickets today and they were sold out =( i was so bummed. and i tried online all night. well i checked my hotmail account *which i rarely ever do* well, there was something from the house of blues that said "tickets for expressed interest". apparently a few months ago i created an account with the house of blues and did something that expressed interest in the avenged sevenfold concert. so i read the email, followed the link and they let me get tickets! apparently, they hold them for memebers of their site and let them purchase tickets separately from everyone else!! i'm so happy!
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10:16pm 15/01/2006
  princess bubble buns had kittens...and to think one week ago we just thought she was fat.
kittens are named:
Optimus Prime
Uncle Jesse
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11:29pm 04/01/2006
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