popcicle_agent (popcicle_agent) wrote,

warped tour was fun and these past few days have been very relaxing. i was so happy i got to see nofx, less than jake, catch 22, motion city soundtrack, emery, afi, hellogoodbye, as tall as lions, patent pending, rise against, antiflag, saosin, armor for sleep, saves the day, bouncing souls, and a little of aiden. seeing nofx though was probably the most exciting. i also go to meet ltj again and they all signed an ep they were selling at warped tour. but my vacation there consisted of parties, mopeds, gallaria, pools, sleeping on floors, cramming 3 people in a hotel bed, lighting greg's crotch on fire, smores, virtual roller coasters, shoney's, people making fun of my food at shoney's, scrabble, emo pictures, etc...since i've been back it's been all about sleep and lindsay. bah...well that's enough, goodbye

o yeah, i definetly did something in houston that i never thought i'd do in my life. i beat an asian kid at marvel vs capcom 2. those who have played anyone who's asian in know they they are SOOOO much better that we are. so i feel accomplished. not too many people care about this, but i think it was important.
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