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ok, our apartment complex is getting rediculous....
apparently our neighbors hate us and we really don't know why.
no one talks to the neighbors and we have very rarely even seen them.
however, apparently there were 3 separate complaints about our apartment saying that we were having a HUGE party on monday. and at this party we were all wild, there was alcohol everywhere, drugs, CONDOMS *i swear, that was in the reports*, and we were "holding hands and dancing in a circle around a tree and singing"....this is the most random thing i've ever heard someone complaining about. and the fact that it was THREE people that called and complained. you may be thinking "geez...you guys are fucking wierd" but the funny thing is, is that rickey went to work, then to his dad's house, then to his grandparents to spend time with his mom. he was there until around midnight. i was at my parents house studying and watching a football game all night. so none of us were even in our apartment!

we also had this cop stop us the other night because she said there was a noise complaint and she had to check it out. when rickey opened the door for her:
COP: "yeah, we have had complaints about the music being too loud in this apartment"
RICKEY: "well can you even hear the music?"
COP: "NO, but it's too loud"

at this point i was walking around the apartment complex enjoying an "adult beverage" and saw the cop and walked up to her:
ME: "good even officer, is there a problem"
COP: "do you live here?"
ME: "yes i do"
COP: "hmmm....is that an open container of alcohol?"
ME: "yes ma'am"
COP: "well how old are you? because i'm gonna have to write you a ticket"
ME: "i'm 21 *hands license to cop*"
COP: "well you know it's illegal to have an open container in public and you are on private property?! i'm not gonna write you a ticket but consider this a warning!!!"
ME: *confused* (that statement just didn't make sense at all)

well apparently she went on to tell rickey's stepmom *the gm of our complex* that we were really rude and getting in her face about things....what kind of shit is that?! o, and this is the same bitch who came around the corner in her car as brittani was leaving. brittani stopped her car to let the cop pass and the cop had the nerve to roll down her window and say "you need to watch where you are going! i can have you ticketed and impound your car" the cop also told rickey's stepmom *btw the cop doesn't know that the person in the office she's talking to is actually rickey's stepmom"...that she told about 3 to 5 people to get out of the pool after hours and when asked what apartment they live in, all the people said they lived in ours!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

well that's enough of that, all i have to say is fuck the police fuck fuck fuck the police
i don't know what the fuck is going on here but it's crazy.
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