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10:48pm 04/01/2006
  i truly think that i would do anything to see USC lose...ANYTHING. agoijjna;kfjbnad;kfjbn;kjfbn;akjfbn DIE~!!!!

how is it that USC will be the "3 time ncaa champions"? how can you claim to have won the championship 3 times, when 2 years ago they weren't even in the championship? i know i know, "they got screwed by the bcs" but be that as it may, they didn't play in the championship. you can't really claim to have won 3 championships when you do not have them. LSU fucking has one because by a flare of luck and bcs crap, they got to a championship that "they didn't earn the right to play in" and completely raped oklahoma. a 5 year old can tell you, if you don't play for the championship, you can't be the champion. yet, everyone in the US seems to accept USC as the champions that year and little is mentioned about the fact that lsuu actually won it. it's like some BIG unspoken truth. i hate that shit
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01:49am 25/12/2005
recieved a package
it contained a key and a check for $50

operation "sassyfrazzle retrieval"
time - ?
location - new orleans airport
target - sassyfrazzle

team alpha and team silver snakes deploy in car Z and head to destination, from there team silver snakes will exit car Z and enter target codename: sassyfrazzle. alpha will remain in car Z and silver snakes will follow them back to the base.

p.s....Cheri, do you have a cd player?
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01:26pm 20/12/2005
  Have yourself a wicked hardcore christmas
You know those yankees lost
from now on the red sox are no longer cursed
Have yourself a friggin awesome christmas
I hope you totally hook up
call that broad from high school that was always drunk
once again we're livin high school days
you know those wasted days of the old
hammered friends that are wicked fucked
they'll be pukein up on the floor
through the years we'll all be drunk in boston
doin Jager bombs
call my brother bobby so we can all get so high

have yourself a wicked pisser christmas
let's watch nanna get drunk
remember last year when she passed out in your brother's trunk
have yourself a friggin awesome christmas
come and sit right here
don't be retarded let's shortgun another beer
shoppin drunk down in harvard square
or was it davis square
who cares?
fanueil hall can really suck my balls
but the rack is so queer

through the years we'll all be drunk in boston
rootin for the sox
go call my girl, i'm really way to friggin drunk
have yourself a wicked hardcore christmas
get your ass up and cheer
sing loud boston and raise your favorite pint of beer
and let's all wish the sox another kick ass year
-big d and the kids table
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11:20pm 13/12/2005
The Twelve Days of Christmas
for popcicle_agent:
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1st_takethislife_A creepy sexual poem that they wrote in 2nd person narration
2ndfacehead37a big, sloppy kiss
3rdeeeerandaa pop-up kama sutra
4thchelsiebobelsiea small, laminated card stating, 'ALL ACCESS - TO ME!'
5thlast_last_oneA pornstar slot machine
6thfranglaisa pubic hair trimmer
7thpastylittleliesa butt-plug
8th_winstona tube of Crabs-Be-Gone
9thnosmokingtablea box of 'wacky' cuban cigars
10thyoda_lsuA tape of you showering which they filmed without your knowledge
11th_free_fallinA $120 blunt
12thsherevealsa big, sloppy kiss
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02:40pm 13/12/2005

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
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Kissing Skill Level - 24%
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this seems a bit off...but what do i know?
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07:20pm 06/12/2005
Saturday, December 10th at 7pm @Darkroom
Subject Optional
Luke Starkiller
7th Story Surrender
The Meek

Friday, December 16th @ Some kids house party
The Meek
Downtown Fiasco

hopefully these are good
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03:03am 04/12/2005
  what a fun weekend. met some new friends, hungout with some old ones, met a really cute girl, and just did whatever. i haven't done all that in a while. bad part was finding out about marci, but i'm happy she's ok =) goodnight  
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02:41am 02/12/2005
mood: content
next 2 nights should be fun..drink drink drink make friends =) not a care in the world. this weekend should be nice and i'm not going to let anyone fuck it up. i <3 my friends. it's nice that some people are still good and still care. and those are the ones who i shall toast with and drink all our problems and frustrations of the week away with. goodnight
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12:56am 01/12/2005
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11:30pm 30/11/2005
mood: annoyed
how can people treat those they "care" about like crap? and just toss them aside like they've never mattered?
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09:58am 29/11/2005
mood: sick
i do not wanna be at school right now, i haven't been here in like 2 and a half weeks, and today i decided i need to go. so i'm here, now i just need to get the energy to actually go to my classes. i'm fucking tired of being sick and just blah...motivation? anything?

p.s. nip/tuck tonight =) that's my highlight of the day.
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gah..this sucks   
10:38pm 27/11/2005
  so yeah, this morning i wake up around 4am really thirsty. so i go in the kitchen and just down 2 glasses or orange juice. i've been sick the past like 3 or 4 weeks and coughing nonstop, and when i lay back down to go to sleep: i cough and somehow i can feel the orange juice in my nose! o the agony, it burned so fucking badly that even now (at 10:40) my nose is still burning. i hope none of you people experience this because it will easily ruin your day. fuck you orange juice  
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"i know i'm not your favorite record"   
12:58am 27/11/2005
  one of the most disappointing feelings in life is learning that no matter what you do, you will never be good enough for someone and never be able to be what they want in someone....i really wish that this bullshit would stop happening.

i guess on a positive note, i have some closure and i know that it was never meant to be anything. i'm just a stupid boy
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FANS OF THE SUBURBAN LEGENDS - this is really sad   
10:13pm 21/11/2005
  i went to the suburban legends myspace site, and there was a really sad post about their trombone player, dallas cook. apparently, he was riding his motorcycle down the highway and some suv side swiped him and he hit the ground. as he hit, he was run over by 3 other cars!!! i mean, jesus. and to make things worse, the fucking SUV just took off. http://www.nbc4.tv/traffic/5126864/detail.html  
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11:30pm 18/11/2005
  i was wrong..we fucking rocked tonight. it was awesome. and we were so close to just pulling out of the show *like 3 minutes from start, we were gonna* but we played and something came together. now we're booked for december 9th..so hopefully this will continue. goodnight to you all.  
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11:05am 15/11/2005
mood: sick
so here i am, procrastinating studying for my jazz test that i have at noon. i really didn't want to be around people too much, so i left the union. i sat in there for a little while with mary and her friend. they are good people, i enjoy their company. i wanted to go home but i remembered about my test as i left the union. so i decided to go to coates and study. i've never been in here, atleast not that i remember. i'm just sitting on the floor in one of the hallways typing this and working on a crossword puzzle. my butt is cold from the floor, and the building smells like a mixture of dust and bathroom soap. i must say, i don't like it.

anyways, the show saturday sucked. it lacked energy and togetherness. we have the show friday with the delegates and i'm not too excited about it. i still think that it's too soon to play. hell, we've only been playing together for like a month and a half. cohen called yesterday and said that we now acquired a sax player, so that's pretty cool. it just sucks because we really need to work on more music, finishing our already written music, and "fine-tune" the band. so to those who come friday, if we suck i apologize. our set is only like 20 minutes long. gah, i have bronchitus so it's really hard to play while you're coughing.

i was suprised though, downtown fiasco has alot of potential. they have alot of horns that dominate their music. however, the horn players are not together, off key, and "screech" alot. it was really sloppy. the music though had alot of energy, so that's something that we don't have. they're more of the fast pace type of ska. we're more of a melodic ska band. the only thing that bothered me about downtown fiasco is that they finished with "their" cover of "don't you want me baby". i mean come on, if you're gonna cover something, make it original. it was stanley's car's cover, not theirs. it was poorly done as well and again, very sloppy. they didn't even cover the song itself, they covered the stanley's car cover....however, the vocals didn't measure up to phillip's nor did the bass playing amount to that of rene's. again, if you're gonna cover something, make it your own or cover it directly. don't do another band's cover. that's lame. it just seemed to me like they want so badly to be every other ska band. but again, just like i said at first, they have alot of potential. if they get their horns together, and bring the same amount of energy everytime, they'll be really good.
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10:14am 10/11/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

rockstar party night
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07:27pm 09/11/2005
mood: amused
haha...so yeah, my sister went by roly poly tonight. and this girl that was working there *that i worked with when i was there* asked ashley how i was doing. my sister said that i was doing fine and asked why she was asking. the girl, stephanie said "well i heard he was taking out loans left and right to support all of the partying he does because he doesn't make enough money at his job that he has now." my sister was just like "what the hell?". that made me laugh alot. for one, i have no money. also, if i was taking out loans, i would have a nice apartment and a MUCH better car...that just made me laugh alot. gah, if anything they should know that i'm not taking out loans to support my "nonstop partying" i'm JUST TRYING TO SUPPORT MY ILLIGITIMATE (sp?) KIDS....geez
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01:42pm 03/11/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
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10:15am 03/11/2005
  Name five people I love who aren't family:
01. lindsay
02. rickey
03. marci
04. heather
05. kara

Name five things you can't live without:
01. Music
02. My bass
03. my computer
04. friends
05. hope

Five food/beverages I love:
01. Sweet tart building blocks
02. Jones soda
03. orange juice
04. chocolate milk
05. pasta

Five things I always have with me:
01. wallet
02. necklace
03. keys
04. bracelet
05. chain with ring and heart

Five things always forever hate:
01. ketchup
02. people in the mall
03. traffic
04. sexist *feminist & chovanists (sp?)*
05. Aaron Carter
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